Saturday, February 18, 2012

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!  Today I am launching my newest Etsy shop - BeesHotPads!  Hot pads or hot mats are FABULOUS!  They allow you to take your baking dish straight from the oven and set it right on the hot mat!  You can use hot mats on your dining table!  The heat resistant batting deflects the heat away from your surface.  You can use hot mats for your flat iron and other hot hair tools!  You can even iron on hot mats!  I have made several custom counter-top sized ironing hot mats for people who just didn't have the room for an ironing board.

Cool, right?  I do ALL my ironing on a hot mat.  Seriously, I do - and I have quite a bit of pressing to do!  In fact, I made Hot Mats because I really do not like ironing boards.  They are so CLUMSY!!  Or maybe I am...

Bee's Hot Pads also offers ... fabric placemats!  Very pretty, really useful too.  Rectangular and round placemats and table runners too, sets of 2, sets of 4 and custom orders of course.  I will be adding more of everything as time goes by!

On another note, remember that leopard fur from last week?  Well, my mistake, it's actually called OCELOT!  Even more intriguing, isn't it?  Well, you know I am going to line that fur vest -- and today, the lining arrived!  I am SO stoked!  What's so special about the lining??  I'll tell's 100% Silk and super nice!

Have a fantastic Saturday everybody :D