Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Morning!  I have been busy with so many things, I like it that way too!  SO, back to our mongolian camel fur vest!!!  We are about to trim (with scissors!) some fur from around the armhole edge....

Here is our armhole.  We have to clean this up!!


Once again, use the wide tooth comb to straighten out the fur. 
THEN, carefully comb some fur to the outside edge, try to get about 1/4".  Be patient, this takes a little time.
Enter the SCISSORS!  We will carefully trim away the fur on the outside edge.  Leave a little fluff, we want it to look nice once it's turned over.
Here's what the armhole will look like after trimming the fur.  Follow this step for both armholes.

We can put those scissors away now!

Once the entire edge is trimmed, turn the vest so the wrong side is facing OUT.  Turn over the hem and pin it in place!
 Carefully stitch the hem, smoothing out any fur beneath as you go.
Turn the vest right side out - OH NO!  We can see our stitching!  That's OK!  We can take care of that!

Using a long needle or common pin, gently lift several strands of the fur (from the outside of the stitching line) and pull them through the stitching.

Continue to do this all around the armhole edge.  Go around again if you think there should be a little more fur out from under the stitch.

The key here is - just take a little fur at a time, and work gently and slowly.

The finished armhole will look like this!  No stitching in sight!

Repeat this step for the other armhole.

We will perform these very steps to hem the front openings also, so go ahead and get started!

Working with fur can be time-consuming, but not too difficult and, it's WORTH IT!


  1. You are so very brave to be working with fur! Nice job on the tutorial!

  2. Thank you Suzie! It was a little intimidating in the beginning, but, a positive attitude and one step at a time goes a long way!