Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Morning and welcome to my blog!!  Bee's Quality Garments has been up and running on Etsy for ten months now!  YAY!  I started the shop with a variety of hand sewn items such as Stash BagsAprons, cute little Baby Bibs and my near world famous Hot Mats!  Bee's has evolved over time to include more women's clothing and accessories such as Infinity Scarves, Leg Warmers, Jumpers and Outerwear

SO, with that in mind, Bee's is becoming an actual Women's Clothing Shop!!  Don't worry though, we will still offer our Hot Mats in our new, soon to open shop BeesHotPads! This new shop is scheduled to open in another week or 10 days (that's quite a schedule,isn't it).  At this shop, along with the hot mats, I will also have placemats!  I can't wait to get it going!!!

I also plan on opening another shop - if you can believe that!  YES! Bee's Bags!  I love making those drawstring bags, pajama bags, wine bags, holiday gift bags and handbags!  Woo Hoo!

Right now I'm working on faux fur vests!  Slightly messy but worth it!  I'll post a few photos when the sun comes up!


  1. You are one busy lady and a talented one at that! Welcome to blogland. Diane

  2. This is SO exciting!!! I have got to say that my boys love the drawstring bag we bought from Bee's awhile back. And, of course, the Hot Pads are THE best thing EVER!!! I have yet to purchase a scarf, but I've admired them for awhile now...The vests are going to be fabulous, so I can't wait! With three shops, you're sure going to be a BUSY BEE!!! =)